ruby shell

rush is an ruby-shell designed for command-line tasks such as file and process handling.

In lieu of bash command sequence joined by pipes, you subsequently apply methods or refere to members on the object yielded before. The following example start with a filtered list of the files in the directory some_dir.


This has several advantages:

  • Presuming you are in ruby you can fully use your ruby tools-set.
  • You can do one-liners subsequently processing arbitrary objects.
  • For more complex cases you have a descent programming language at hand.

There are downsides:

  • In order to call other system commands you have use bash-wrapper command.
  • The project does seem to be maintained at the moment and there is very little documentation. The above example, though taken from the projects home page, does not seem to work.

It is a good approach to start with reasonable programming language and then make some alternations in order to get a useful shell. Maybe ruby is not the very best choice as base language because it has a bit particular syntax that might be unnecessarily confusing to non-expert users.


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