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Even though I have been using BASH for well over a decade, I am not even sure I know how to add two numbers together in it or consistently create an array.

And instead of whining they come up with a serious alternative. Its a python-shell that attempts to mimic some important aspects of linux-shells. You can install it via pip.


Container types like mappings are mainly for people who are weak and tent to lose track. We avoid structured types because they make things unnecessarily simple. On the other hand bashs associative arrays come with a special syntax, so there is no danger people understand your code easily.

Lets create an associative array.

declare -A A=([a]=3 [b]=6 [c]=14) 

How do we get all keys a, b, c from A?



  • As discussed earlier, to get all values we write ${A[@]}.
  • With ${!X} we refer the value of the variable with name $X