In most linuxes bash is the default shell. It is used for one line commands such as for moving certain files or invoking a tool with specific parameters. But bash is also used for writing scripts that cover daily tasks that need some execution control.

Unfortunately, bash is a poor scripting language. It overstrains many of those who could profit from homebrewed scripts, people capable of thinking the script logic strand in realizing it via bash within a reasonable amount of time.

This blog focuses on blaming bash for its many painful peculiarities that make people fiddle about bibs and bobs instead of solving the original problems. We do not provide solutions here. Since so many people are afflicted with bash the respective sites in the net hold plenty of answers and workarounds. We rather want to give an general warning about bash and make people think twice before using bash for given purpose.

There are reasons for bashs widespread usage, and some of which are advantages in its design. But there are so many awkward properties that its only a matter of time that people come up with alternatives that make bash look as bad it is. Bash is the old bull of scripting that had its merits. But with a broader group of people facing linux shells the standard changes. By now we overindulge bash at the cost of the quality of our daily work.

Be aware that the tone of the blog can change from post to post. Some post have a serious and factual tone but many other posts are plainly sarcastic, justified by the pain we experienced when using bash.


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